Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Golden Globes 2012 - Post-mortem

I finally managed to download the Golden Globes last night (damn you Chinese TV!). Nothing like watching something "live" ten hours after everyone else. Here are my random thoughts.

- Ricky Gervais was a bit too tame. Ripping on Jodie Foster's Beaver was about as risque as it got. Disappointing.

- Madonna is really, really up herself. "Me, my, me, my." That's all she said in her speech. Who said filmmaking was collaborative? Not Madonna!

- Seth Rogan had the line of the night. And I loved that Kate Beckinsale just laughed it off. An American starlet would have got the huff but trust a British girl to get the joke.

- These Hollywood stars are a narcissistic bunch. From Helen Mirren's showboating during Morgan Freeman's moment to Reese Witherspoon's "my friend Alexander Payne" moment, for God's sake, just read the prompter and give the moment to someone else.

- How many freaking award shows is Mildred Pierce going to hang around for? Kate Winslet's "wow, I won" schtick is wearing thin. Although to be fair, this speech wasn't as toe curling as her previous outings.

- Idris Elba rocked the house. Loved that he was sitting at the same table as Dominic West. Stringer Bell and Jimmy McNulty together again.

- Does anyone in Hollywood eat?  There were some seriously skinny bitches on that stage. And don't get me started on the botox. Jessica Lange was frightening. Although I liked her laidback speech.

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